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Angular Calibration, Rotary Axes Calibration, Tilting Rotary Table Calibration,
A, B, C, Axes Calibration, 4th, 5th and 6th Axes Calibration…
All mean the same thing.
Machine Tool Angular Measurements are not limited to Pitch, Yaw, and Roll.

Rotary Tables, Index Tables, Tilting Rotary Tables or any 4th, 5th, and 6th axes need to be calibrated; this is where Measurement & Machine Technology comes in.
Experience, combined with our equipment enables us to measure the accuracy of your rotary axes. Unlike dedicated rotary calibrators that are large and cumbersome, we can mount our stand alone super precision (.25 arc second) Ultradex Rotary Index Table and the (.1 arc second) laser optics onto any rotating axis. After the measurement, we calibrate the axis and verify the results.

Standard single axis rotary tables are very straight forward when it comes to calibration. You set-up the UltraDex rotary index table on centerline of the rotary table to be measured. Optics are mounted and the laser lined up to the optics. Initial accuracy and repeatability checks are made; now you are ready to record the data set. You determine the recording interval for optimum accuracy without redundant data; you then enter the compensation into the CNC. Verify rotary accuracy and repeatability by recording the final data set.

Tilting rotary tables are the real challenge, mounting the UltraDex rotary index table and laser optics takes some experience along with a great deal of creativity. While the rotary axis is pretty straight forward, much the same as a single axis rotary table, the tilt axis requires special brackets. Bracket design although similar is different for each machine, and requires some thought; the design is very important if you are to compile accurate data .This is where most technicians run into problems. Our experience gives us the advantage to overcome the problems as they arise and continue with the calibration.

Calibration of your rotary table by our experienced technicians assures your rotary axes are accurate.

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