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Precision Machine Tool Not So Precise?
Machine Tool Laser Alignment and Laser Calibration Is Our Specialty!

We are well versed in numerous machine tool makes and models. We do not specialize; we apply our experience across all lines.


  • Circle interpolation causing a problem?
  • Surface finish rough?
  • Holes not on locations, not repeating?
  • Top and bottom not parallel?
  • Sides not square?
  • Are you continually editing your part programs?

When you produce a scrap part there are costs, your reputation is the primary loss; time, material, delivery, and the dollars involved are next. You can reduce and even eliminate these costs if you know your machining capabilities. That is where we come in; let us bring our experience to bear. We will level, align and laser calibrate your machine tool giving you the best outcome possible. If you know that your machine is well within tolerance, you can stop wondering if it is the machine. The fixture, the part program, the cutting tools, the material being cut, yes even the operator becomes your focus as to what is causing the rejection. You have removed one variable from the equation when you know that it is not the machine.

GEOMETRIC ALIGNMENT AND CALIBRATION are critical issues when it comes to producing precision machined parts. Measurement & Machine Technology can perform the necessary adjustments required to bring it back into "LIKE NEW" condition! During the course of a typical alignment and calibration job it is not unusual to encounter a machine with "hidden" problems. This is where our experience comes in; having worked on a very large assortment of machine tools we can efficiently identify the problems and overcome them as necessary.

Remove the inaccuracies from your machine that come with age and your well on the way to TAKING THE MACHINE OUT OF THE EQUATION.

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