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Evaluation Procedure of Precision Machine Tools

Outlined below you will find our general procedure for the evaluation, adjustment, and calibration of manual and CNC Machine Tools; please take a moment to look it over and see how thorough we will be with your machine, keeping in mind this is a general rule; we adapt this procedure to the individual machine and specific customer requirements. Contact us for an estimate specific to your needs

  1. Retract way covers to expose way surfaces.
    • inspect way surfaces for wear, evaluate way oil function, and access to gibs, etc.
  2. Check and adjust machine "earth" level.
    • Proper leveling is done on the way surface eliminating potential table top inaccuracies
    • Earth level is easily rechecked by the customer in the event of any future part discrepancy.
  3. Check and adjust gibs all axes.
  4. Indicate outriggers for alignment. (if so equipped)
  5. Measure pitch and yaw on each axis. (as required)
  6. Inspect straightness on each axis.
  7. Verify squareness between axes.
  8. Examine parallelism between axes.
  9. Check spindle "tram" and run out.
  10. Check ballscrews for backlash and end play
  11. Laser calibration X, Y, W, and Z axes.
    • compensation included, as required
  12. Rotary Calibration. (usually adds one (1) day per rotary axis)
    • compensation included, as required
    • special adapter usually required; supplied by customer to our specifications.
  13. Ballbar analysis, before and after (if requested) (add 4 hours)
    • ballbar documentation is often required to pass certain quality specifications
    • customer supplied programming help required.
  14. Complete documentation included.

Our technicians are HANDS-ON experienced and completely capable of performing all the necessary adjustments needed. Depending on the machine these measurements, adjustment, and calibration can take anywhere from 8 to 14 hours sometimes more; very large machines possibly double. Ball screw pitch error and backlash compensation optimize the positioning accuracy but do not address the geometric alignment of your machine tool; it is not uncommon for us perform geometry adjustments during the evaluation, before the compensations. Alternatively; if no adjustments are made then after the evaluation a plan of action can be formulated should any of the measurements be out of acceptable limits. This allows us to accurately estimate the amount of time needed for the complete optimization of your machine tool.

It is our standard procedure to charge actual shop floor hours only; at our standard hourly rate, travel hours door to door from our home office. We always request help of the customer, the operator, a maintenance person, or helper / laborer. This does two things, one (1) educates the employee, and two (2) expedites the necessary customer support, (operate the machine and get materials, etc.); reducing our time on-site.

Some questions answered are:

  • Is the oiling system functioning as expected?
  • Is the machine level (flat and straight)?
  • Do the gibs need adjustment?
  • Are the axes square to themselves?
  • Is the spindle square and parallel to the work envelope?
  • Do the ballscrews need compensation or repair?


We have many years of hands on experience (over 30) with alignment and calibration on an extremely large variety of machine tools, and do not have an affiliation with any manufacturer, or specialize on any certain make or model of machine. Basic principles of machine design cross all lines, we can align and calibrate all of your machine tools and give you the complete results.

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