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Specializing in CNC and Manual Precision Machine Tools
Mechanical Alignment
Laser Alignment
Laser Calibration
BallBar Analysis

Standard Charges For Laser Alignment & Laser Calibration



Monday thru Friday (required equipment included)
$130.00 per hour for 1 (one) Engineer
$185.00 per hour for 2 (two) men - 1 (one) Engineer and 1 (one) Technician
$ 85.00 per hour for ea. Additional Engineer
4 hour minimum
Plus Travel & Expenses / man (see below)

PREMIUM TIME (overtime)

Monday thru Friday
$45.00 additional / hour / man
After 10 hours & ALL DAY SATURDAY (unless voluntary)
Double Premium Holidays and Sunday (unless voluntary)
Special request start times Add $45.00 / hour / man

TRAVEL TIME (travel time starts day)

$55.00 / hour / man
Door to Door plus Expenses

EXPENSES (per diem)

$65.00 / day / man (includes meals, taxi, laundry, misc. etc.)
Mileage @ $0.55 / mile
PLUS: Local Hotel, Airfare, Car Rental, Freight, etc.
(All expenses are charged at cost. Subject to local conditions)

Confidential Customer List available upon request.

Prices effective January 1, 2019

Subject to change without notice  
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